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Auf dieser Seite findest du einen Scouting Bericht über Abenteuer-Reisen, an deren Umsetzung wir derzeit arbeiten. Wir haben diese Reisen z.T. durch lustige Zufälle und über Freunde gefunden. Jede Reise hat ihren Charakter. Sie ist einzigartig.

Ladakh Cycling




We will go 100 Miles per hour


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Mihir und die Mentalität des Un-Scheiterns

Mihir auf der Bullet
Mihir auf der Bullet
Shortly after being introduced to various NGO's in Pune we met a bubbly young man who runs an own tourism business linked to wildlife photography and tiger tours together with his father Mr. Mahajan Senior who started the business. A website written with care invites anyone to come along and find the tiger in India. "You cannot know the feeling of seeing a tiger until you do" is all Mihir reveals. What I wonder - similar to Sven Riesbecks story: How do you decide at the age of 17 to dedicate your life to a particular passion? To find out more about  tigers and the outdoors,  I agreed to take Mihir up on the offer to ride the bicycle from Pune all the way to the coast of the Arabian Sea.

The Tour to Ladakh is my favorite of all of my Himalayan trips. The enchanting mountains devoid of any vegetation whatsoever, every now and then adorned by a sea of green, the sparkling blue lakes which put you in a trance, the crisp air and the warm Ladakhi people all make it an experience of a lifetime

What does not hit you like a truck is most dangerous
Sometimes we encounter the most inciting questions when least asking them. What I learnt this week: Sometimes I forget to ask myself new questions because of resting comfortably on newly reached shores. It tends to happen especially right after the impacting moment of putting behind the distance between Germany and India. I am content to have reached India by bike. To surprisingly discover again what Guts for Change is about through Mihir.
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Die to Yourself: Every day

Die to what?

On a Tuesday I was jogging to Stralauer Halbinsel in Friedrichshain. Weather-wise it was the March winter window: Sunny, warm and bright blue sky. In the face of my first run of the year exhaustion was kicking up body-chemical driven thoughts. This little clip does a good job of summarizing my feeling then. Even though, a historically loaded context embeds the clip - it still shows the importance and prose of the concept of detachment from inner baggage. Let me explain what is meant by letting go of hindering behaviors in life.

"Dying" is such a negative word! Why I still believe it is essential to die to yourself (not shot by Jamie Fox) at least once a day:  read about how to become more goal-oriented in this Article.

To explain, it is helpful to cite Eckhart Tolle (affectually called a spiritual leader by many and an "esoteric fool" by others). He contributed a lot to the learning curve I am currently going through and continues to do so. Tolle said at one point "I can’t live with myself and I realized there are two here— 'I' and the 'self' I can’t live with” (cmp. Link: Tolle) anymore. To not be dramatic, there does not have to be a sense of depression or anxiety in order to feel the need for liberation of personal boundaries and limiting thoughts. But in Tolle's case it made his persona.

What I realized in the sparkle of morning light and exhaustion was that I have not the obligation but the chance to die to myself every day.

How can I die without cutting myself or jumping in front of a train?

  1. I can die to my pride
  2. I can die to my obligations
  3. I can die to my fears
  4. I can die to my limitations
  5. Eventually can I die to my false sense of self as well

Let's go in that order.

1. First, I realized, that often there are moments in everyday life where I act a certain way without necessarily wanting to do so. For example in the fitness studio I caught myself acting tough just because I had the wraps for boxing and my boxing gloves with me. And instantly I noticed how some people got irritated a bit. I even caught their eyes flashing either in incitement or with a shade of fear or um-comfortableness. What? I thought. Why do I let my actions wonder around like a distracted dog? Do I have to portrait something for others - is that professional or does that carry me away from my goals?

I believe the latter is the case. My pride did not allow me to be real and open to people in that particular context. I remembered: What I really want to do is get to know people, learn from them and engage. In order to do that, I cannot afford to be perceived as somebody who is angry or even aggressive, since I welcome approaches. Jogging again the other day, I thought about starting to greet other joggers to symbolize unity. Maybe one day every jogger in Fhain will do that? You never know. But trying is worth it.

Die to your pride more often.

2. Everybody knows the feeling of having to do too many things at once. That can lead to stress. Not just that, it can trigger a disgusting feeling of being trapped by other peoples planes. This in turn evokes undesired outcomes. A volatile meeting causes essential things to not get discussed because constant thoughts of the next meeting keep flying in. I realized that I can actually die to my obligations. At those instants I pause and ask myself the following question: "What do I have to do right now?" Even: "Do I have to do anything at all? What happens if I do not do x, y, z?" Usually nothing happens to my life. Thinking more solution- and less fear based, what happens if I do not write my University paper today? Well I can certainly use the energy to write this article. Bingo, task done!

Start by dying to one obligation each day.

3. Dying to fears might be disputed. From the American Indian who says he does not know pain (or fear at all) to the collective assumption where fear keeps the head on our shoulders. Fear makes the Motorcycle driver alert - if it not scares him or her to the point of accident. Still, I think managing fear is one thing everybody can do a better job at. It often leads us into heated decisions, bad actions and can block our way of action entirely.

A good way of keeping fear out is avoiding content that is loaded with fear infused symbols and metaphors. Like most contemporary movie. Different is Django Unchained because it shows in famous Tarentino-fashion which heroic deeds are possible by surpassing fear. In general, there is loads of content in Movies that feed our need for fear, sensation of insecurity and scare.

Dying to fears takes time but causes unexpected results.

4. All the above said leads to a more general conclusion: Dying to mental concepts and ideas can not seldom lead to a feeling of liberation. It therefore merges into point five. If we do not define what we want in life and above all; Who is that person that wants? Then we easily get stuck in our ill-defined ways of thinking. In this video, Philipp summarizes a method that is useful to help break out of patterns of thinking that lead to not much new. Inspiring about design thinking is the single fact that often it just needs one different person and one different approach to life with which new solutions can be stimulated. Merely putting a fool and an expert on a table together can bring an awesome solution.

How powerful is that.

5. I think a false sense of self is not easily detected. Why? Because it begins at answering the question of who you are? Well who am I? Knowing that I consume x amount of Internet-information each day this might be difficult to determine. Who am I? I was raised by my mother and father and have adapted a considerable amount of thinking patterns through them. Who am I really? When I work with a certain "type of people" at company 'y' who do things the 'y-way' there might be confusions of who I really am.

Dying to a "false sense of self" starts with sitting down once a day for 30 minutes in a calm spot and just start to contemplate. Even though, Eckhart Tolle would say that using  (only) our thoughts never leads to achieving a greater sense of who we are, we can start learning a lot by thinking differently.

Finally, the questions are endless but the answers lie in the method. Defining who you are starts with challenging old factors that "determine" you and by taking you out of your familiar context. Your mama's house is save. Get out! Method-wise Philipps video explains more on how to go about that. Content-wise this article hopefully does. If you liked it please do not hesitate to feedback and recommend it to one of your friends who hold eligible for being interested.

Tolle, E. (2013): The awakening of Eckhart Tolle: by Paula Coppel, in: UNITY MAGAZINE, Link: (, 25.03.2013, 3:10 pm).

How to become a photografic memory freak

I encountered this quick info on and now I would like to try it. Too bad that I don't get to have a light and a completely dark room every day. I want to try it though. When I am back in Berlin

Here is the article:

Discover the expert in you.
How to Develop a Photographic Memory
By braniac

Everyone wants to remember everything all the time, reach into the sciences behind it all.(Please rate with stars above)


Things You'll Need

A dark room.
A bright lamp.
A sheet of paper with a rectangular hole cut the size of a paragraph for the text you want to "photograph".
How to become a photografic memory freak weiterlesen

Idea Fight Club

Create a place (room, location) where everybody can bring his or her motivation to participate in weekly training. Different skills in Martial Arts can be learned. There exist no limits in variation of training methods. The projoct aims at benefiting our youth and creating young, upcoming leaders.

Story of becoming ...

In 2010, I wanted to create a plattform where angry people could sign up and then look for other agressive people to informally meet and fight against each other. Where? In a public place. "Meet Streets" was to become the name. I threw this idea out of the window quickly because it does not contribute much to the initial purpose of releaving stress and hate. How do I know when I never tried? Well, I am now aware of the fact that if I walked the streets with my wife and my baby and some idiots suddenly break bottles over their heads in front of me it would create more violence and unsave feeling (I am still intrigued about the idea of creating an Urban Guerilla-like page where people can meet at abandoned buildings and do Parkur or free weights).

However, the idea of some place for release to decrease aggression and increase self worth and happyness never left my thoughts. There must be a way for every man and woman in Berlin to get access to the prescious inside spot we all have. In fact there are milions of different ways. I just want to create one more place which will be apealing to young people from 10-20 years of age. And through which there can be made access to the place inside which is free of violence and full of calm!

Berlin in My observation

Have you ever noticed that Berlin is a relatively aggressive City in its public conduct? Maybe one day coming back from Istanbul or South America you realize that there are hardened stares and glares all around. Ever felt this or the indifference to what everybody else does? "Europe is more free but people do not care for each other" (Habib, Iranian Friend). Even with Berlin being the Capital of one of the most secure and economically stable countries in the world it is quite aggressive. "You have lots of fights" (this comes from a South African Woman). I can understand this but I do not want to acknowledge it.

Rather, I'd like to do something against it. Like the Fight For Peace Foundation in Brasil helps to keep kids out of gang activities. Berlin is not Rio de Janeiro, admittedly. There are very few guns. Yet people often do not say "excuse me!" in the Tram or seldomly smile at you in the streets without any reason. Why? A smile can get you shot in Berlin??

Iran and Turkey in my observation

Friends of the Ambulance

Now, 2012, after having passed Turkey and Iran where people promote great courtesy and love, giving and compassion I am more determined then ever to bring something different to Berlins table of hardened public behaviour. My project aims to get the attention of young and indifferent people. My assumption: Teenagers prone to violent acts are excited and fascinated by the same. I want to build a circle of people who know how to fight and show they can. I am looking for friends who have learned to channel their energies in a controlled and disciplined way and want to act upon the challenge of teaching what they have realized. I want to build a place for creation of peace and respect.

Aggression and it's troubled mind set

Respect takes all kinds of different shapes. Lots of times you "get respect when you give respect". This comes from nobody less prominent in hard work and dedication than Michael Jordan. But in Brookyln, New York's streets where Jordan is from things might be different. People might say "the only way to get respect is disrespect" (Papoose). Some youths in Berlin live by the same code. "If I get this punk first, I am going to keep my face as a tough guy in front of my crowd". Aggression is often created on a shared psychological level. And violence is its consequence.

Often showing hard behaviour and putting up pretences is a cry for attention and acknowledgement. Take a young guy. By creating stories about reality in his mind reality changes the face of his surroundings. His tensed mind might make reality his (or her?) slave. When things around him where shone in a dark light there is a great chance he will also acted in dark ways. I am still learning to understand the mind for the powerful tool it is. It can - but not necessarily will - work in my favour if used correctly. I would like to become the proper ruler over my mind. There is a long road laying before me.


Fight the mind. Become who you want to be.

Step by step
How will we make all this happen? Without money. Without an organization or a bigger program to help. This is actually what attracts my attention about my idea. I want to create an own thing. And have people create it with me. I want to learn how to do it and the challenge of making it become reality excites me alot.

  • We need people. You and me are the only ones making this happen. First step is to find the "we". I am working on inspiring people for participation in this project right now. If you know someone who has interest in working with kids, fighting, loving the other person without knowing much about them and show some dedication. Please tell him or her about my endeveour.
  • Checkin g out the location.
  • Positioning of the projects. We need to formulate aims and goals as an organizaion. There have to be set up of adequate marketing strategies for promoting our cause and fund raising. I want to use Social Media as a means for funding the Project. Also, this makes it possible to target young people.


it is way to easy to let things slide. That is why I decide now to instantly post everything. At gun point. When cycling often there are fluxes of thoughts coming in ...

I feel like this Blog is going to grow with me. So I ll post UNFINISHED ARTICLES. Why?

1. I want to put pressure on me to act
2. I want to get this blog going
3. Before I felt an article needs be perfect at its publishing date. This is not nessecarily true and these post will grow with time like good wine

Be prepared and excuse my outburst of spontaneity


Mind Tricks

In an interview with xxx Dennett says the human is the greatest avoider". Perhaps our mind playing tricks on us is best explained through this statement.

Before going on tour people when hearing the time line we set for our endeavor would remark "oh, but you are riding through Turkey and Iran in summer! You are going to die of heat". That was no problem at all. The problem was I really believed it. My mind believed it.
for that reason

Why does our mind do this to us?

Maybe the question has to be posed differently. Why do I let myself worry by the fact this happens! Actually it is a very nice and effective protective mechanism. We [...]


Hello Schwedter Str.

I was just realizing how fast everything is going. Planning has accelerated. The closer we get to take-off the bigger the euphoria gets. Yesterday I met Johann for the first time and quickly Team chemistry grew. Thomas worked excitedly in his small room while Johann was sitting on the round table in the living room to flip the 'go pro' cam. Testing its fish eyed perspective picture shouts of joy and cheers where exchanged in between these rooms. THE TOUR is definitively started now.

The question is: who is going to put that thing 'on' ? Thomas want to see himself riding, so it'll have to be set up backwards on the handle.

Tomorrow we will pick up Maushami - the last and very much treasured female member of the Guts for Change Crew.

I am looking forward to the meeting. We will invent our first cheer? I strongly hope so. Wishing everybody a good read here.